The People Under the Coconut Palm

It’s not so easy to define myself when I can do so many different tasks. My work involves creating and giving fluency, movement and interactivity to static designs. I design architectures and structures to organize information, and simplify and enrich the user experience. Designing interfaces and developing web applications for browsers and the iPhone and iPad devices is something else I love to do. And giving clients an integrated, creative presence across all social media platforms is another one of my specialties.

I started off working in advertising agencies and design studios in Barcelona in 2002. Some years later I took advantage of all that experience, and set up on my own studio in 2007, until creating our small business called Bajo El Cocotero in 2010.

I’m a web designer and specialize in Flash and Action Script (2 & 3).

Dani Martí - Signature

Dani Martí

Interactive Art Director